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JJET Enterprises provides quality aircraft components and accessories for domestic and foreign militaries, taking pride in the superior quality of its engineering services, repairs, and perfect track-record for on-time deliveries.  Our technical data consists of part prints, drawings, technical orders, overhaul manuals, work scope, Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTOs), and Illustrated Parts Breakdowns.  JJET’s most commonly manufactured parts, repairs, and overhaul items include, but are not limited to, the following categories:
Structural: Aluminum and Composite External Structures, Internal Components, Windshield Assemblies and Flight Controls.
Hydraulics: Landing Gear, Hydraulic Servo Cylinders, Hydraulic Actuators, Electrical Actuated Hydraulic Servo Cylinders.
Avionics: Electrical Plug-In Units, Radar Components, and Antennas.
Electrical: Radar Components, Pumps, Motors, Electronics repair and overhaul, Wiring Harness, Landing Lights, and Taxi Lights.
Mechanical: Links, Mounts, Brackets, Pushrods, Quadrants, and Gearboxes.
Life Support: Oxygen Cylinders, Fire Extinguishers, Ejection Seats
Parachutes: Parachute Assemblies

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Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and NASA Dream Chaser Spacecraft
JJET Enterprises had the distinction of partnering with Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and NASA on the innovative “Dream Chaser”; a lifting body spacecraft for transporting people and supplies to the International Space Station. JJET Enterprises was instrumental on portions of the design, manufacturing, and build-up of the nose landing gear skid, and the assembly of the main landing gear, wheels, and brakes used on the first Dream Chaser Flight Test Vehicle.
To learn more about the Dream Chaser Spacecraft, watch James S. Voss, SNC’s Space Exploration Systems VP explain the design and development of the vehicle: